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What is a Liquid Lipstick? (and how to apply it!)

Do you want your lipstick to stay on while you’re drinking coffee or tea? To last all day without having to touch up? To feel confident that your lipstick is always looking perfect? Then liquid lipsticks are your friend.

Now truth be told, liquid lipsticks have been around for a while and you most likely know all about them and own 15348 like I do. However, there’s still many people who are unaware of this magical tube of color and how much of a game changer it is!

Many years ago, we had the lip lacquer, which was just as pigmented as matte lipstick, yet it stayed shiny like a gloss. Because of the glossy finish, it didn’t stay neatly on the mouth and sometimes, it would run or ‘feather’, causing it to look like you had wrinkles around your lips. However, lip lacquers lasted longer than a gloss, so many favored it.

I’m not sure who invented liquid lipsticks, but I do think of them as if a matte lipstick and a lipgloss had a baby. Liquid lipsticks go on like a lipgloss (wet), in a lipgloss tube, but dries down like a matte lipstick … except even better! A lot of matte lipsticks can be so drying that it can be difficult to get the color payoff on your lips, especially if your lips tend to be more dry. Being the liquid lipstick goes on like a gloss, it is creamy from the get go!

PRO TIP: Use a lip conditioner or chapstick of some sort before you put on the liquid lipstick. Most liquid lipsticks can and do dry out your lips and make them feel dehydrated.

This is what made me want to launch my own line of liquid lipsticks. I was getting frustrated that my lips felt dry and when I would reapply the liquid lip, the product would start crumbling on my lips and everything would look like a crusty mess. It wasn’t cute. Not to mention, most liquid lipsticks are VERY difficult to take off - my lips would end up feeling raw and tender after removal … even when using oil. I like longevity, but I don’t want my skin to go with it.

Incendio Beauty’s Lipstick Potions are long lasting, creamy, and retain your lips natural moisture! The main ingredient is Isododecane, which holds the moisture to your lips, is lightweight, and blends effortlessly. (This same ingredient is also what makes our Eyeliner Potions so fantastic and versatile!) And I am very pleased to say that if you need to reapply our Lipstick Potions, THEY WILL NOT CRUMBLE! Hallelujah! This was such a huge goal of mine and I am so happy with the results.

So what is the easiest way to apply a liquid lipstick? Well, my friends, you can watch the video down below and follow these simple steps.

For this tutorial, I used Lycan Lipstick Potion from Incendio Beauty. It is a BEAUTIFUL warm reddish brown that is perfect for all your Pumpkin Spice looks.

Step 1:  Using the belly of the applicator, apply on your bottom lip starting in the center and stretching to the outer corners.

Step 2: To make your line neat and perfect, follow the outline of your lip. I like to flip the applicator over and use the very tip to work as a lip liner. I do this for the top lip as well.

Step 3: Outline your cupid’s bow and round it out (or point it out if you prefer!) so it looks like each part of the bow is directly under your nostrils.

Step 4: I like to overdraw my lips so they look fuller on top to match my bottom lip. An easy way to overdraw your lips is to drag your applicator from the outer corner of your lips up to your cupid’s bow. Drawing up to your cupid’s bow creates volume and the fullness you want. If you like a more slanted and curve look to your upper lip, fill in from your cupid’s bow going down to your outer corners.

If you do not wish to overdraw your lips, simple follow the outline of your lip, using the point of the applicator.

There you have it my friends, it’s very easy to apply a liquid lipstick even without a lip liner! The applicator is designed to make it simple for you and the color payoff allows you to not have to worry about reapplying throughout the day.

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Until next time, Stay Sparkly! 🧚🏻‍♀️✨