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Slytherin Make-Up Tutorial

I have a confession. I have the Dark Mark tattooed on my leg - not the Dark Mark that’s on your arm and connects you to Voldemort - but the Dark Mark that is cast into the sky after someone has been murdered at that location. It’s on the back of Half Blood Prince. Under my tattoo, it says, “Morsmordre” - the spell that casts the Dark Mark into the sky.

When I was younger, I knew I was in Slytherin. Pottermore didn’t exist yet but every quiz I took online always put me in Slytherin. I embraced my house fully. I love all the Malfoys and Bellatrix. I can’t help it, I’m a fan of the dark arts.

When Pottermore came thru and put me in Ravenclaw, I felt like I was having an identity crisis … Did I lie on all those quizzes through the years? I definitely have a dark side, but if you know me in real life - you know I’m a whimsical fairy and most like Luna. And I trust J.K. Rowling, so I am a proud Ravenclaw.

When doing a series of Harry Potter related tutorials, I have been very excited to do something inspired by Slytherin. At Incendio Beauty, we have an Eyeliner Potion (gel eyeliner) named Basilisk and it is 110% inspired by Slytherin. And is the star of this make-up tutorial.

When I think of Slytherin’s, I think of the bad asses who would rock a dramatic eye make-up like they woke up that way. Slytherin’s would be down with a cut crease and with Basilisk Eyeliner Potion, I’m going to make this look really easy for you. Read on and watch the tutorial at the bottom. (And click the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thank you and I love you.)

I did a blog that shows you my go to Complexion routine and you can read it here. The only difference in this Slytherin look is that I used Pacifica Beauty Foundation instead of Face Atelier.

Here is a list of all the complexion products I used for this Slytherin look:

Pacifica Beauty Alight Clean Foundation

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Anastasia Beverly Hills Translucent Powder

MAC Matte Bronze Bronzer

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow M806 (for blush!)

Incendio Beauty Divination Enchanted Pigment

Tell me I’m wrong when I say Slytherin’s would rock RBF all day, everyday. So naturally, I have to bring the brows! Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Definer has been my jam for the past month. I’ve been a pretty loyal Brow Whiz girl, but this definer is rapidly stealing my heart. It gives great definition, an easy glide, and a VERY quick application. Brow Whiz is more for detailing, but Brow Definer nicely shapes your brow. Don’t worry, a full step by step on brows is coming soon!

Now let’s break down this cut crease. I am going to be very detailed, so read carefully! If you have specific questions about cut creases and this look, please leave me a comment on the YouTube video below and I promise to write you back.

Step 1: Rim your top and bottom waterline with a black pencil. My go to for the past year has been Blindfold from Melt Cosmetics. This is technically a lip liner, but it is super black and approved for the eye area - so no need to try anything else.

Step 2: Feel your bone structure. ** THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP ** The key to doing a balanced and complimentary eye make-up for your specific eye shape is to get acquainted with your bones. Take a moment to press GENTLY (the eye area is sensitive!) around your eyelid and feel where your eye socket is and where your brow bone is. That sweet spot where it feels like you can scoop your eyeball out is where you want to place your brush to mark where the cut crease should go.

Step 3: With a small pencil brush and Basilisk Eyeliner Potion, dot that sweet spot in your crease. I recommend keeping your eyes open when doing this so you can ensure that when your eyes are opened and you’re talking to your friend, they can see the awesome eye make-up you just did.

Step 4: From that dot, drag your brush down toward your inner corner, still following your crease (where your eye socket is). Do the same from that center dot down towards your outer corner. As you go down to the outer corner, winged it out from your crease towards your temple. (You can see this up close in the video!)

Step 5: Blend your edge with a fluffy eyeshadow brush! I love a diffused, blended, buffed out eye make-up look, so I HAVE to blend my cut crease. If you like a more defined, sharp, dramatic crease - don’t worry about blending your edges! Remember make-up is subjective, they are no rules - just preferences!

** PRO TIP ** Using a VERY thin eyeliner brush and Basilisk, redefine the bottom of what you just blended. This will help keep things crispy.

Step 6: Now we have to cut that crease. I am using concealer for about the 5th time only - seriously - I never tried the concealer look for the cut crease until about 3 months ago when I finally caved because I loved HOW clean everyone’s eye makeup looked on instagram! Plus their glitter NEVER seems to transfer! I used the same concealer as I did under my eyes - Shape Tape.

Happy to say, I’m a fan of the concealer technique and it is simple! Place your concealer on your eyelid, look up, and watch that concealer transfer. Where it transfers is where you cut the crease. ** NOTE ** This may NOT be where your bones naturally lie, but it will be effective if you’re unsure where to place your products. With the concealer, follow the entire wing of your crease.

Step 7: On the eyelid, I used Incendio Beauty’s Silver Bullet Enchanted Pigment. Silver and Green are Slytherin’s house colors.

** PRO TIP ** If your new to using pigments or want an easy way to prevent fall out - press the pigment where you want it to go instead of sweeping across the lid.

Step 8: Smoking out the lower lash with Basilisk is something I do often with my pencil brush. This is a technique you can rock no matter what your eye shape is, but I do love it on hooded eyes. ALSO, if you have brown eyes - Basilisk is going to make them GLOW! The green of Basilisk will pop any red that is in your brown eyes. Color theory is pretty rad.

Step 9: Using Basilisk, wing it out on top and connect to the bottom. This liner makes me want to be a snake charmer. In my next life.

Step 10: Finish up with some mascara, lashes, and Dark Fairy Lipstick Potion from Incendio Beauty. I LIVE for purple and green together. This look makes me feel wicked. And I am not mad at it.

You can watch the whole tutorial on this look right here! I hope you like this Slytherin inspired make-up and I am making you proud! PLEASE tag me when you recreate this look so I can see, love, and share your face! Don’t forget to share with all your Slytherin friends! <3

And if there isn’t a look for your house yet - have no fear, it’s coming soon :).

Until next time, Stay Sparkly! 🧚🏻‍♀️✨