Rocker Smokey Eyes

Sofya Golub

One trend that will never go away is a smokey eye. Typically, when you think of smokey, you think DARK - blacks, grays, maybe browns ... but a smokey eye can be any color of the rainbow. The idea here is more to create a well-blended look that emits the idea of smoke. That said, black is the most sought after for a smokey look as it creates a sultry, sexy eye that leaves women feeling powerful, sassy, and a bad ass.

Rock stars often take a black pencil and smudge it around the rim of their eyes; including the guys. And let's be honest, guy liner is hot AF. So when we made our eyeliner potions, the intent was to create something that would function as both a gel eyeliner and a cream eyeshadow. This technique would also work with eyeliner pencils if they are kohl or a kajal crayon formulation. Waterproof and water-resistant pencils tend to have a drier texture and do not blend as easily, thus they do not make the most ideal cream eyeshadow.

When we sat down with Mariella, a pop-rock singer/songwriter, we wanted to create a modern rocker look with lots of glow.

Just do you know - Glow will be a constant trend at Incendio Beauty. Forever! We take shimmer very seriously!

A smokey eye can be done with only a handful of products and Incendio Beauty has them all!

1 - Full Moon Enchanted Pigment all over the eye lid and under the brow to bring out the entire eye area. ** PRO TIP: PRESS pigments onto the area instead of sweeping across. This will prevent fall out!

2 - MAKE UP FOR EVER's Aqua XL Pencil in Black will fulfill all your tightlining needs. This will last all night, with no need for touch ups!

3 - Using a pencil brush (our fave is MAKE UP FOR EVER's #212 because it has a tapered tip), smudge Witches' Brew Eyeliner Potion on the lower lash line from the outer corner all the way to the inner. Blend that baby out. With the same brush, wrap Witches' Brew from the outer corner up to the top corner and into the crease. Do this in one motion without going back and forth so you give the product a place to sit before you blend out the edges. Our favorite brush to blend edges? MAC #226.

Waterproof gel eyeliners tend to have a creamy texture and make a really great cream eyeshadow (or eyeshadow base, depending on your preference) that ensures your make-up stays put all night through dancing and sweating.

4 - We mentioned this was all about the glow - so wetting Dragon's Bane Enchanted Pigment with a sealant to put on top of the lid seems like the right thing to do. Again, PRESS, not sweep. We love using finishing sprays like Mist & Fix or Skindinavia as a glitter sealant. Spray the brush, dip in the glitter, and then press on to the eye- there's no fallout and no messy glue to deal with either.

5 - Next, line your lid as preferred! In our YouTube Tutorial for this look, as seen here, we do a thin line along the upper lash line and add a bit more depth to the outer corner. We're using Witches' Brew, as always! By adding more depth to the color, your eye color is going to pop!

6 - You know we like glitter, right? We like to pop Fairy Lights Enchanted Pigment in the inner corner of any make-up look we do - it's kind of part of our daily routine. And it's actually the first product we made! This brightens and opens up the eye instantaneously and will have everyone asking what it is and where you got it.

7 - Lots and lots of mascara!

8 - Buffy Lipstick Potion is a great lip choice when rocking a smokey eye because it's the perfect peachy nude. 

9 - Do we need more glow?!? Okay, fine, let's not kid ourselves - let's top Full Moon right on top of Buffy for a fuller looking lip - a stunning completion! We live for this metallic trend! Plus putting pigments on top of your lipsticks literally seals the deal for the entire day.

Check out a few photos of Mariella in the finished look and watch the full tutorial here.

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