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My Signature Ravenclaw Make-Up Look

“Wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure.” ⚡️💙

The more you get to know me, the more you will see me reference and talk about all things Harry Potter. I first read the books when I was in the 10th grade - the year 2000 :X - and I will forever allow myself to be immersed in the Wizarding World.

When I was younger and took sorting quizzes, I was always put into Slytherin and I WANTED to be in Slytherin. But then a few years ago, Pottermore came through and sorted me into Ravenclaw. I can’t argue with J.K. Rowling and if truth be told, I am the most like Luna. She is my spirit animal.

So naturally, when I decided to do a Harry Potter inspired make-up series on YouTube, of course, I had to start with my own house! I’m here to give Ravenclaw hype. And spread glitter, of course.

Sometimes I will do my eye make-up first, but most of the time, I begin with complexion. I like a nice flawless canvas before I start decorating the face.

My current foundation of choice is Alight Foundation in shade 37WL from Pacifica Beauty. It is cruelty free + vegan, which I love, but it has so many additional amazing qualities! I have dry skin, the type that flakes if I don’t take care of it regularly, but I also prefer a fuller coverage. Most full coverage foundations are matte, which leaves my skin looking textured and dry. I love Alight foundation because it gives excellent coverage with a satin finish and it literally stays on my skin All. Day. Long. Without primer. Plus, it’s only $16 - this foundation is a win-win for me.

** Side note: I received lots of questions and concerns around foundation and finding the right product/shade … I promise to do several blogs and videos that will help guide you to the perfect foundation. I gotchu <3.

Tool of choice: This amazing sponge from MAKE UP FOR EVER. It is ONLY $8.50, can be washed over and over again without deteriorating, and doesn’t need to be wet. Just pump the foundation and stipple along your face, making sure you bring down to your neck!

I apply concealer after foundation because I only apply it where I need a little extra coverage - namely under my eyes. I bought the Limelife by Alcone concealer in #2 because I adore the packaging. It’s in a cardboard clamp, so when you run out - you just need to buy a new pan, not the entire packaging. Limelife does this to limit their use of plastic and so you can easily refill. I am here for environmentally sound brands.


My favorite setting powder is MAKE UP FOR EVER Super Matte Loose in 0. It’s completely translucent, light weight, and is an absolute MUST HAVE for your kit if you’re a pro.

I am not a fan of baking, especially if you have any skin type besides super oily. I do, however, press my powder onto my skin in certain places where I tend to get oily throughout the day. Like I mentioned, I have dry skin, but my skin DOES get oily around my T-Zone, so I use my powder brush to press the powder onto those areas specifically, while I swoop the powder along the rest of my face.

Please, please, please ONLY bake if you are SUPERRRR oily. There are plenty of other products available to help brighten your complexion, set your make-up, and boost your glow. Baking can make you look very dry, dull, older, and cakey. And whatever you do, never bake if you’re a professional make-up artist and you’re sending a client to be photographed or filmed. The flashback will be ridiculous.

For more information on this, feel free to drop me a message and let’s chat :D.


Oh quick note! Before you powder around the eye area, make sure you use your finger and blend out any creasing that may have occurred from your concealer. Otherwise you will be setting the creases and we don’t want that!

Ravenclaw colors are Blue and Bronze, so instead of using a cool contour shade, I opted to use a matte bronzer to contour. My current favorite bronzer is Matte Bronze from MAC Cosmetics because it doesn’t make me look orange.

I have a lot of opinions of bronzer vs. contour and which do you put where and so, there will be a blog on that within the next couple of weeks. You can use a bronzer to contour, but only if it’s matte. More on that to come :D.

bronzer for pale skin

I use MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Artist Shadow in M806 as a blush every single day. It is the perfect pink for my skin tone and if you have a similar skin tone, get it! It is so pretty and romantic <3.

pink blush

My absolute favorite part of a make-up application is the highlighting! I take glitter and shimmer VERY seriously. Incendio Beauty just launched a GORGEOUS new Enchanted Pigment called Divination and I just want to swim in it everyday. It is a beautiful purple/blue iridescent jar of magic and will make you glow so hard, they’ll see you in space. Plus it's vegan!

If you are a highlighter junkie like me, you better go grab this right now and tag me in your shining faces so we can twin.

blinding highlight

I’m going to talk about highlighter a lot. Sorry not sorry.

For the Ravenclaw eyes, I used Poseidon Eyeliner Potion from Incendio Beauty because it is the perfect blue for a Ravenclaw smoky eye and it's vegan! Literally, there is nothing better. It is creamy, blendable, WATERPROOF (hello staying forever), and I love using it as an eyeshadow base. I use a flat brush to press along the eyelid and blend out the edges into my crease with a fluffy brush.

blue eyeliner

When using Incendio Beauty Eyeliner Potions as an eyeshadow base, do one eye at a time and go slowly. Being these products are waterproof, if you do both eyes at the same time, one eye is going to dry too quickly and you won’t be able to blend.

For this smoky eye look, I want a nice rounded eye of blue - so I also put Poseidon under my lower lash line and connected to the outer corner on the upper lid.

blue eyeliner

I’m also a fan of intensity and black eyeliner, so I used Blindfold from Melt Cosmetics in my waterline - top and bottom. Blindfold is actually a lip liner, but it is approved for the eyes as well and I think it looks darker than their black eyeliner.

black eyeliner melt cosmetics

Once you’ve got a beautiful blended blue smoky eye, it’s time for the BEST PART OF THIS MAKE-UP!! Glitter :D.

Fairy Lights Enchanted Pigment from Incendio Beauty is my #1 favorite product to exist and the first product we ever made. It’s a micro glitter pigment packed with teals and golds and is also vegan! It is literally a dream of magic pixie dust in a bottle and I can never get enough of it. Ravenclaw’s are whimsical, so naturally I took it up a level and wet Fairy Lights before putting it on top of my eyelid. Skindinavia’s finishing spray is one of my favorites for the face, but also to adhere glitter! Because I want a healthy amount of sparkle, I still had some fall out on my cheeks, which I wasn’t mad about. Maybe I even did it on purpose XD.

vegan eyeshadow

To add to this glowing make-up, I put Divination under my brows + Fairy Lights on the inner corner of my eye.

brow highlight

Fairy Lights covered the bright blue on my eyelid, so I went back in with Poseidon to give myself a baby winged liner. (I am going to do a whole video and blog on different eyeliner looks so you can slay!)

blue winged eyeliner

I have a battle with finding a great mascara. Most mascara’s don’t give me the drama I am looking for, smudge under my eyes for days, flake all over, and if waterproof - impossible to come off. But now I have found a new holy grail and it is in Go Big or Go Home by Kat Von D Beauty. It’s not waterproof, yet it stays on all day, does not smudge, does not flake, and gives me beautiful, full, luscious lashes! I’m an addict.

best mascara

I bought these Kiss lashes on the fly at CVS one day and I am not disappointed. It is a 4 pack for under $15 and I have used each pair over 5 times! I will definitely be buying these again.

fake eyelashes

Okay, so I know Ravenclaw colors are blue and bronze, yet all the merch shows blue and gray (why is that, WB?!) - so when deciding on my lip color, I opted for gray for a few reasons … 1) Gray pairs SO WELL with blue, 2) Incendio Beauty has a lip color called Gray Lady and the Ravenclaw ghost is the Gray Lady, so it made sense to go with this lip color, and 3) I really love a good gray lip. It’s neutral, yet bold and daring at the same time. Oh, and 4) I’m part Slytherin.

gray lipstick

Finished Look:

Ravenclaw makeup

You can watch a whole tutorial on this look below from my new YouTube channel! I am reeeeallly excited about this because I have so much make-up knowledge to share! This blog is based on my first ever video and each video will most likely have a blog attached to it. I want to give you all the content in whatever medium that’s best for you to follow along with and repeat.

I am going to do different series from Harry Potter to how to do your own make-up to how to be a pro to what’s in my kit to pretty much all the make-up things we can think of.

If there is a specific look or question you may have, my mailbox is always open. You can email me at and I promise to get back to you.

Until next time, Stay Sparky!