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Monochromatic Make-Up

Monochromatic is a variation of the same color by adding tint (white), tone (gray), or shade (black). Using one color in different hues all over the face; mostly eyes, cheeks, and lips is a great way to make a statement. While it certainly draws attention and looks like you put in lots of work, it's actually super beginner friendly. Monochromatic looks can have a soothing or calming effect, which allows you to play with the mood of your make-up.

Because you're using only color, there's no worrying about what will look good with it or what colors you can pair together without having them clash. It's also a fantastic way to work on your blending skills - different tones of the same color tend to blend much more seamlessly versus using colors that are different. So if you're struggling with blending around the eye area, this is a good way to practice. It's pretty fail proof and if you do make a mistake or your blending isn't perfect, it won't be very noticeable.

We LOVED Rihanna's look from the 2017 MET Gala and have been dying to recreate it. For our recreation, we used:

Love Spell as a base for the cheeks and eyes.

Aura for the glow.

Allure on the lips.

To add depth, we used a selection of MAKE UP FOR EVER matte eyeshadows in shades of pink. Being most of Incendio Beauty products have glitter or shimmer, adding a matte shadow will allow for more dimension because of it's different textures.





Watch our full tutorial on this look here.

Other stores you can create with our products include:

Gray: Silver Bullet on the eye, Fairy Lights as a highlight, and Gray Lady as a lipstick.

For a smokey look, use a combination of Fairy Lights, Silver Bullet, and Phoenix Ashes on the eye area. Witches' Brew makes the perfect base and eyeliner for this color story.

Blue (aka Mermaid Magic): Poseidon as a base and eyeliner, Fairy Lights on the eyes and as a cheek highlight, and Blue Fairy on the lips.