Gel Eyeliner - What, Why, and How?

Sofya Golub

We offer our liners in a gel medium, this gives them the precise intensity of a liquid liner along with the ease and smudge-ability of a pencil liner. Our eyeliners are waterproof, smudge-free, and multipurpose.

Our offerings include:

Witches Brew: A classic black liner, great for any lining needs.

Shewolf: A dark brown gel liner, this will give your eyes definition but creates a softer, more subtle look versus using black. This can also be used as a brow pomade for someone with deep brown hair.

Basilisk: A deep cool-toned green.

Poseidon: An aquatic royal blue with a whisper of shimmer.

Love Spell: An intense hot fuchsia with pink microglitter. This eyeliner is particularly special because it can be used as a cream blush or lip color.

All of our eyeliners can be used as eyeshadow bases or as brow colors. Being they are waterproof, they will be a perfect addition to keeping your eye make-up in place all day! They are the best friend to a 5 minute smoky eye! (Subscribe to our YouTube for tutorials!)


To create a simple line, we suggest using a fine script (thin tip) brush.

1 - Starting at the center of the lash line, create the thickness you desire.

2 - Connect that line with the inner corner of the eye and drag through to the outer corner.

3 - Smooth or smudge out the top of the line if you prefer.

Wing It out:

1 - Follow the same steps as above, minus the smoothing or smudging.

2 - To create the wing, you want to have a line at the outer rim of your eye at a 45 degree angle. Another way to identify this is you want the line to extend toward the tail of your eyebrow. ** The LONGER the line, the more INTENSE the wing. **

3 - Once you’re happy with the length of your line, connect the wing to the line on your lash line.

4 - Fill in any gaps within the wing itself and smooth or smudge out the top of the line as desired.

5 - Check out our YouTube video here for a basic winged liner tutorial.

Tips To Remember:

1 - Create the thickness in the center.

2 - 45 degree angle from outer lash line towards the tail of the brow. Connect wing to the already drawn line.

3 - Keep your brush loaded with product - this will help the brush from getting frayed and will be easier to apply.

4 - Step back from your mirror to check your symmetry.

5 - Don’t hold your eye! This can decrease elasticity around the eye area and can cause wrinkles. (So can tape.)

6 - Keep your arm steady on a table so it doesn’t shake and you can do the perfect winged liner!

Brush Recommendations:

Fine Tip:


MAC 210

Cozzette P373

Some people prefer one brush over the other, as they offer different levels of control. A script brush can create a very fine precise line, whereas angled brushes tend to be stiffer and may be easier for a beginner because they don't fray out. Script brushes that are bent at the ferule (handle of the brush) are also available. They are advantageous in that they get your fingers out of the way so you can see your lash line more clearly. We recommend beginners experiment with various brush types to see what’s the most comfortable. Inexpensive brushes (about $2-$5 each) can be purchased at Crown Brush so you can buy all three types mentioned above and decide which type you prefer and what is worth investing in, in the future.

Crown brushes:

C-217 (bent script brush)

C-514 (pointed eyeliner)

Crown C463

Personal favorite angled brush:

Sigma E65

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