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10 Minute Make-Up For Everyday

If you’re someone who loves make-up and wants to feel glam everyday, but don’t have a lot of time, this is for you. If you’re someone who wants to wear make-up, but you have kids and like 10 minutes to get ready, this is for you. If you’re someone who loves make-up and wants a good everyday look that’s easy, this is for you. If you like wearing make-up to work, but want to sleep longer, this look if for you.

There are plenty of times when I wear all the colors and all the glitter and all the rhinestones and then there are times, I wear the bare minimum. My bare minimum, though, gets more compliments than sometimes my glitter and rhinestones, so I knew this look was a must to share. It’s not as natural as make-up looks you see on TV, but it is the kind of natural for the girl who loves a good glam face but doesn’t have a lot of time to do it. I wear this make-up look whenever I am not going to an event, but want to wear make-up. I just switch up my lipstick shades. There is a whole video tutorial at the bottom of this blog so you can read and watch at the same time!

Step 1: Skincare! That’s a whole separate video, coming to a YouTube near you.

Step 2: Foundation - I usually skip primer for everyday because I use an amazing foundation that gives me great coverage and lasts all day. My absolute favorite foundation for myself and my pro kit is Face Atelier. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I can’t find a more fantastic sitting foundation. It looks incredibly flawless, while giving me almost full coverage. The skin looks like butter and works for everyone, which is why it is also my go to foundation in my pro kit. For a more cheaper and accessible option, try out Pacifica Beauty Alight Foundation.

Step 3: Concealer - my holy grail will forever be Shape Tape from Tarte. The bottle lasts FOREVER - MONTHS, I swear! - the coverage is GREAT and it stays put without looking cakey under the eyes. Definitely a must have.

Step 4: Powder! I’ve been using the new setting powder in Translucent from Anastasia Beverly Hills and your girl is IMPRESSED! This powder is SUPER light weight, feels so soft, just like a baby’s bottom! I normally get a little shiny throughout the day and with this powder, that doesn’t happen! I don’t even have to touch it up!

Step 5: Contour - Make sure your product is matte because we are pulling back - a lot of bronzers are shimmery, so beware if you use a bronzer to contour. I like Rosewood for Anastasia Beverly Hills for myself because it is matte and a little more on the cooler side. We’re going to break this down into a few steps:
    A) Temples. This is what I like to call my sweet spot. With a small angled blush brush (see photo), start from your hairline and drag down all the way into the crease of your eye. Remember, there is a whole video on this entire look below, so you can see exactly how I do it.
    B) Cheek bones - Find your cheek bone and that hallow spot below it is where you want to contour your cheeks. With the same brush that we’ve been using, start from your ear and pull forward to the middle of your cheek, but not past the corner of your eye. (See video). Blend up towards your temple.
    C) Jaw line. I like to make my face look as slim as possible because I am all about definition. Blend down into your neck.

Step 6: Blush (broken down in a few steps) - If we put the contour under the bone, you want to put the blush directly on the bone. I like MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Artist Shadow in M806 because it’s the perfect pink blush.
    A) I like to start at the apple of my cheeks and sweep upward over the bone, towards the temple.
    B) After my cheeks, I take my brush and brush across my eye. Between your blush and contour, you just gave yourself a very natural eyeshadow look.

Step 7: My favorite part, highlighting! I feel like this is where the glam comes in - with the glow. Contour below your bone, blush on your bone, highlight above your bone. I am using one of my favorite products in existence that actually comes from Incendio Beauty, and the product is Divination. I love it so much and basically swim in it, as you will see in this video. Also broken down in several steps because several places.
    A) Highlight above the cheek bone.
    B) Right above the cupid’s blow to make your lipstick pop and look pouty.
    C) Down the bridge of the nose because I want to blind people with my shimmer.
    D) Under the eyebrow.

I do not fill in my eyebrows because they are a clean shape and I like a light brow. If brows are your thing, pop some dip brow on!

Step 8: Curl your lashes and mascara. Kat Von D Beauty's Go Big or Go Home is my jam. When you don’t wear eye make-up, curling your lashes makes a world of a difference. Even with the smallest lashes, a good curler will lift those babies up and give you some flirty eyes.

Step 9 (optional): I like glitter, so I am going to put my favorite eye brightening glittery product - Fairy Lights - right in the inner corner. Fairy Lights has micro pigments of teal, gold, and blue and it just EVERYTHING. This was the first product from Incendio Beauty and definitely my forever, all time favorite.

Step 10: Lipstick! I usually choose a lipstick that matches the weather or my outfit. Today, I’m going to go with Incendio Beauty's Empress because this is my go to lipstick for everyday. When I go to Universal, I wear blue lipstick because Ravenclaw.

Bump it up with white eyeliner. White eyeliner + Fairy lights are immediately best friends when it comes to opening up the eyes. I try to put white eyeliner on everyone.

I hope this helps you save some time in the morning or give yourself a new everyday look that you can go to when you don’t want to think about how to do your make-up. I literally have this make-up down to under 10 minutes - no joke! It will take longer in the beginning as your learning, but within a week, you’ll be a pro.

When you try this look, please tag me on instagram so I can see, love, and share your face!

Stay Sparkly! 🧚🏻‍♀️✨